Acronis Revive 2019

Recover deleted files as easy as 1–2–3

Whether the file was trashed by accident, removed by a virus, or was intentionally deleted and needed later, this powerful utility can help bring it back to life. Easy as one, two, three.


Easily locate a variety of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and media files


Examine movie, audio and picture files to gauge the chance of recovery


Find deleted files on internal drives, external drives, and memory cards

Whatever happened, one tool can fix it

Files can disappear for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them back. Acronis Revive 2019 can help retrieve a file that’s:

  • Deleted without using Recycle Bin
  • Lost as a result of a power failure
  • Damaged by changes to the HDD’s partition
  • Gone after emptying Recycle Bin
  • Destroyed in a virus or malware attack
  • Written to a disk with bad sectors

Additional features

Finding and retrieving the exact deleted file you want to undelete is easy, especially since Acronis Revive 2019:

  • Recognizes localized file names
  • Supports dynamic disks
  • Creates image file
  • Previews media files
  • Intuitive wizard-style interface
  • Hexadecimal disk/file viewer