Acronis VSS Doctor | Free

What is VSS?

Volume Shadow Copy Service (aka VSS, Shadow Copy, or Volume Snapshot Service) is a built-in Windows technology that allows snapshots of PC files or volumes to be taken, even when they are in use. Most backup software programs rely on VSS to perform backup and recovery operations.
There are many reasons VSS might not work properly, causing your backup software to fail. But diagnosing the problem can be tricky given the number of system components involved.

Acronis VSS Doctor is the cure

Acronis VSS Doctor helps everyday users, IT professionals and support specialists quickly identify the problem and efficiently fixes the most common Volume Shadow Copy Service issues. Acronis’ free tool allows you to:

Diagnose and repair

Diagnose only

Report generation


Diagnoses all VSS components
with one click

Fixes issues with one-click when
a pre-defined solution is available

Generates a report with the results
of the tests performed

Easily spots the weak places
in the VSS infrastructure

Automatically collects data from
scattered sources into a single report