Hardware Certification Program

Why join the Hardware Certification Program?

Hardware Compatibility

Provide end users with a trusted list of hardware components and systems that are tested and fully compatible with Acronis products

Acronis Certified logo

Use the Acronis Certified badge to differentiate your products

Certification Management

Access to a Certification Manager who will help during the Certification Process and provide insights into future software enhancements

Acronis Certified logo

Use the Acronis Certified badge to differentiate your products

Trainings and Certifications

Build and reinforce your sales and technical competencies through on-site or online sessions at Acronis Academy

Business Model Integration

All types of licensing from OEM to service-provider licensing to cover all scenarios

Acronis Hardware Certification Program FAQ

What type of Partners should enroll in the program?

The program is designed for value-added integrators, hardware manufactures/vendors or system integrators who offer Backup and Disaster Recovery, Storage, Data Protection, Infrastructure, Virtualization, Security, System Management, or Software Solutions.

Is there an entry fee to join the program and become a Partner?

There is no entry fee to join, although some Acronis Services (testing, software tuning, certification, etc.) can be chargeable.

What do I need to do to enroll in the program?

Getting started is easy. To sign up today, click on the “Become a Partner” button, located on the Acronis Hardware Certification Program page. Acronis will check and confirm your registration by email. Once your submission is reviewed you will be contacted by one of our Certification Managers to discuss your solution and the certification process.

What is the period of validity of the Partnership?

Your Partnership activity will be assessed once per year. It is recommended that you regularly follow up with your Certification Manager to stay up-to-date on product enhancements and ensure that your certification is updated on the most recent software revisions.